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Frequently Asked Questions

Are termites and White Ants the same?

How do I know if I have termites?
If you see mud galleries or soft wood and you are concerned Ring Affordable Pest Control.

What do I do if I find termites?
Do not distrub them, ring Affordable Pest Control.

If I find termites shuold I pour hot water or petrol over the area?
No definitely not. Leave them alone and call Affordable Pest Control.

If I find them in the garden, should I be worried if they are in the house?
No but ring Affordable Pest Control for a Technician to came and check.

Does it matter if it rains on the day of treatment?
No, because you have a guarantee.

Can you get rid of common household cockroaches inside and outside?

Are cockroaches around all year round?
Yes, they are.

Is this because of me?
Not necessarily.

What can I do?
Ring Affordable Pest Control.

I have found lots of spiders, what should I do?
Ring Affordable Pest Control.

Does a treatment or can it affect my pets?
Not unless it has been misapplied.

Is it safe?
Yes, definitely.

What if I hear noises in the roof?
It could be rats, mice or possums. Ring Affordable Pest Control.

I have Ants in my kitchen and outside, what can be done about it?
Make sure there are no food or scraps around. They tend to go to the wet areas inside and pet bowls, pools, etc outside. Ring Affordable Pest Control for Pest Management.

Bees and Wasps, can you do anything?
Definitely, leave this problem to Affordable Pest Control.

Are your chemical applications environmentally friendly?
Yes definitley to Australian Standards.

Is there a guarantee?
Depending on the treatment, they vary 3 - 6 -12 months.

Are you licensed?

Are you insured?
Yes. Absolutely.