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What do termites look like?

Termites are small, soft bodied, social insect that feed on wood, grass, dead leaves, bark, humus, fungi or the dung of herbivores. They are commonly known as white ants, but are not related to true ants. Workers have no eyes and the antennae are beaded. There is no constriction of the abdomen (as in ants, bees and Wasps).

What damage can Termites do?

There are more than 2,300 species of termites of which about 350 occur in Australia, and of these 12 damage sound timber.

Termites also recycle organic materials and aerate the soil. They are an important part of the diet of other animals and their activities provide hollow logs, which are used by birds and mammals nesting.

When am I likely to see these pests?

Year round, but they tend to be more active under warm conditions. Termites activity are often revealed by the presence of mud channels or galleries in places where timber touches the ground. Untreated pine and karri timbers seem to be more susceptible than jarrah or treated pine.

Moist soils, such as around leaking taps or gutters and also garden beds, will make areas more susceptible to termites activity.

What if I find termites?

This is not necessarily cause for concern as termites are ubiquitous, and have an important ecological role in the environment. If termite activity is associated with building structures (house, shed, pergolas etc), leave this undisturbed and contact Affordable Pest Control. Termites damage is more likely to be slow and steady, and significant damage will take weeks rather than days. Termites accidentally collected with firewood will soon perish once removed from the parent colony.

Where do I seek advise?

Seek advise from Affordable Pest Control. Drywood termites nest within wooden structures and do not require contact with the ground. Drywood termites are hard to detect and damage is often significant prior to detection.

Do you want to know more?

More information is available from Affordable Pest Control.

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